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About page and home office
Photo by Minh Pham / Unsplash

Hi! My name is Andres.

I am a first-year bachelor at Imperial College London primarily focused in biochemistry, though I do like to dabble in physics, chemistry, mathematics and other fields of study whenever I have the time. My modest collection of fiction ebooks and hardcopies on my shelf further make me something of a bookworm, though I do tend to go out walking or hiking to get some sun here and then. So, now that you know about me:

Welcome to my blog!

Though this is my first time as a blogger, I will be writing about everything scientific that I come across; monarch butterfly migrations and quorum sensing in bacteria are only the beginning. I will also include snippets on my daily life as a university student, with the side-note that I have only just started. Many things will be new to me, too, and so...

I'll be learning alongside you.

Finally, I aim to upload an article every two weeks, but this may change depending on how free or busy I am. Feel free to ask me anything. As long as it's appropriate, I'll do my best to answer. Thanks for reading!